College Mangement System

College Management System script is the New and revolutionary web based College management system. Online College management system. It has four modules each for Administration, Students, Teachers, & Parents.

A Complete College Solution.. When you buy this you get all the modules like Front-end portal, attendance, time-tables, schedules, complain box, forum etc.

Parents can login into their accounts and vie the progress of their child. Attendance and grades with remarks and feedback makes the parent's module and takes it to the very best that is needed in today's world of instant communication.

Features of College Management System


  • It is a comprehensive student information management system developed from the ground up to fulfill the needs of independent Colleges as they guide their students to success. The Education Edge integrated information management system connects daily operations in the College environment ranging from Admissions and Registration to Finance, Faculty, Medical and Business Development. This reduces data error and ensures that information is always up-to-date throughout the College.
  • It provides a single source of data repository for streamlining your business processes and reporting purposes.
  • It has a simple user interface and is intuitive. This insures that the users spend less time in learning the system and hence, increase their productivity.
  • Efficient security features provide data privacy and maintains data integrity.
  • You can send email messages and notices to an individual or department.
  • Enables easy modifications, easy collaboration over the internet and offers complete life-cycle management for your business processes.


Supports your institution’s daily operations by eliminating duplicate data entry , sharing the most up-to-date information, maintaining a detailed history of essential records