E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions Ecommerce is the process of selling & buying products through the websites (called E commerce websites). Ecommerce is latest step in the evolution of business transactions. Archsoft Technologies a web application development and Ecommerce solution provider Company in India helps to meet your ecommerce requirements.


Archsoft Technologies can develop ecommerce solutions based on latest technologies such as shopping cart solutions. Our Ecommerce solutions - Ecommerce shopping carts and e-commerce web solutions can be easily tailored as per client’s needs, facilitating optimization of website for specific customer group and benefit from ecommerce solutions.


Ecommerce Solution Development Process:


Shopping Cart and checkout pages Development: Shopping Cart is like a counter where we show all the details of product like: manufacturing date, expiry date, price, weight etc. Customers come to your website and choose the required items. After selection, the details of selected items appear along with the checkout page which automatically calculate shipping, taxes, and any other information (such as discounts or gift certificates) needed to finalize sales.


Payment Gateway: After completion of selection process, role of payment gateway service provider starts. Credit cards can be processed and accepted through some bank or some authorized company. For this we provided payment gateway software that integrated to your website to facilitate a safe and secure transaction.


Security: The security is the most important feature of an ecommerce solution. There should be security system not just for you only but also for the customer to disclose that it is safe and secure to provide the detail of credit card. There won’t be any malicious thing done with credit card.